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Fish Pedicure

Not long now until the American Dialect Society reveals it's choice for the 2008 Word of the Year - or WOTY as it's known to linguistic insiders.  Back in November, I jotted down a few ideas HERE.

It seems I was on the right path.  The Society recently published the list of nominations on its Web site.  You can check it out HERE.  From the public, lots of suggestions related to the recent presidential campaign/election.  And, quite a few related to the current economic situation.

You can also check out nominations from members of the Society.  They followed suit with the political and economic terms.  But, they also threw in a few gems such as:

fish pedicure

: A cosmetic procedure in which fish eat the dead skin off the feet.

Can't say I ever heard that one.  Will I let you know what the winners are on January 9?  You betcha!   

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