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I've now finished my string of working 11 days out of the past 12.  I'm off today and Sunday.  May see a movie with Jill later on.  Then Sunday, I have to meet the parents and go for Father's Day dinner.
A fairly interesting week at work.  On Monday, the verdict in the Michael Jackson trial came down - not guilty on all counts!  I don't want to believe that he actually did anything to any kids.  But, a lot of the jurors apparently believe that at some point, he molested some child.  However, they weren't convinced that he ever molested this particular boy.  I don't think the kid's mother helped anything.  She seemed wackier than Jacko.  It will be interesting to see if they file a civil suit.
On Wednesday, the EP told the producers that she's leaving.  July 1st will be her last day. 

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