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Election Preview

I'm back!  Now that my classes at LCCC are almost over, I finally had some time to work on my Web site and update the POLITICS page. The primary is only 10 days away, so better late than never.

The hardest part was looking for Web sites for the 17 judge candidates in Luzerne County!  I found links to 16 of them.  As far as I could tell, Michael Pendolphi does not have a Web site.  If he does, let me know, and I'll add the link.

As an Independent, the only thing I can vote for in the primary is the HOME RULE referendum in Luzerne County. I suppose that calling it "home rule" at this point is not completely accurate, but it sounds a lot better than the official title - "Government Study Commission."  Voters are being asked to decide if there should be a commission to study alternate forms of government for the county. If the voters say "yes," then a committee will be formed (those candidates are also on the ballot) and they'll decide whether home rule or some other alternate form of government should be put to the voters in some future election. Basically, this is the referendum to decide if there should be a referendum.

I was out of the area in 2003, the last time Home Rule came up for a vote (and lost), so I can't really compare the level of sentiment/organization then to what it is now.  But, the current home rule proponents seem to be organized and active.  Add in the internationally-known problems of Luzerne County, and I won't be surprised if the outcome is different this time around.

BTW, the late, great Chris Farley wants you to VOTE!

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