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Down to Two

The past three weeks have been hectic.  Starting on July 6, I became "acting" Executive Producer.  I'm gradually settling in, but I had to do the 6 today, I'll do the 7 on Friday, and tomorrow, I have to go in extremely early to fill in on the desk.  Ahhh, the joys of management.
The ND tells me that he likes what I'm doing.  He also told me today that the job is down to me and a guy who used to work there.  He produced the 6 and was EP on top of that.  But, he's been working for PennDOT for the past few years.  He's got cushy hours and state benefits, so I don't know that he'd want to give that up.  On the other hand, maybe he misses news.
Anyway, he's on vacation until almost the end of the month, so I suppose I'll be acting EP until at least then.  If the ND gives this other guy the job, I'll likely go back to the 11.  And that would be OK, I think. 

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