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Do Over - Part II

Well, I made it to work Friday with no problem.  It had been snowing for a couple of hours by the time I left, but the roads were only wet.

Different story by the time I decided to head home about 12 hours later.  First, I had to shovel the snow around my car so that I could get out of the parking lot (I actually took a shovel to work with me.  After last time, I wanted to be more prepared).  Then, I took it slow, managed not to get hit by the trucks that barrelled past me, and arrived home in one piece.  My car is parked in a lot down the street so that, when I get to shoveling later today, I'll be able to do the whole driveway without having to shovel around anything. 

I'm not looking forward to it.  I shoveled out a spot for KT when I got home, and the snow seemed very heavy - lots of water in it, I guess.  Shoveling some 13" of it will take some doing.

Photo submitted to by Ginger Outlaw.  Shows what appears to be an alley near Coal Street in Lehighton.

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