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So.  You wanna be a doctor.  That's great.  But, here's a tip.  E-mailing a television station probably isn't the best way to start you career in medicine.  Especially when that e-mail reads something like this:  "Can you tell me how I can get ahold of the new medical school so I can apply?"  IMHO, that does not bode well for your chances of becoming an M.D.

The backstory here is that, next fall, a new medical school will open in Scranton.  The school will be called Commonwealth Medical College.  We have done several stories on this school over the past year or so, and we did a story yesterday when it was announced that the medical school had received accredidation and could begin enrolling students.  Hence the sending of aforementioned e-mail which was also undoutedly prompted by the fact that the med school will provide big scholarships to students who get accepted into the initial class.

Now, let's say that I wanted to apply to this new medical school in Scranton but couldn't remember the name of it.  What would I do?  Would I e-mail a television station?  No!  I would use my computer access to do a search.  What would I search for?  Oh, I don't know.  How about MEDICAL COLLEGE SCRANTON.  Or, MEDICAL SCHOOL SCRANTON.  Either search yields several results, one of which is the Web site  From there, you can follow the link to the official site, which will link you to the "new" official site, which includes information about how to apply.  The whole process took less than a minute which, I'm guessing, is a lot less time than you would spend e-mailing a TV station and waiting for a reply.

For the record, HERE is the actual Web site for the Commonwealth Medical College.  Good luck with your future plans.

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