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Diving Back Into the Pool

I, Lady Macbeth, have signed up for another season of morbid fun.  HERE is my list from the Death Pool season that's just ending.  For all you people who look down on the Death Pool, take comfort in the fact that only one person on my list actually died.  So, I'm actually preserving life by putting someone on my list.

Here now is Lady Macbeth's official Death Pool list for the 2008-09 season:

20. Billy Graham 10. George HW Bush
19. Nancy Reagan 9. Ernest Borgnine
18. Betty Ford 8. Olivia de Havilland
17. Kirk Douglas 7. Eli Wallach
16. Fidel Castro 6. Abe Vigoda
15. Ariel Sharon 5. Mickey Rooney
14. Ted Kennedy 4. Robert Byrd
13. Patrick Swayze 3. Phyllis Diller
12. Louis Farrakhan 2. John Wooden
11. Mark Felt 1. Jerry Lewis

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