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Dangerous Formula

Mix a holiday with warm weather and several hours of drinking and what do you get?  News!  Or, at least somthing that has the potential to be news.

Case in point, the recently passed Memorial Day.  Skies were sunny and the temperature was in the 80's. Perfect conditions to fire up the grill and pop open a few beers.  That was the afternoon and evening.

Around 9:30pm, this is what we started to hear on the scanners in the newsroom:

a)  A one-car crash in Sweet Valley;
b)  Someone hit with a hammer; possibly a baby hit, too;
c)  Something that sounded kind of serious in Scranton;
d)  Another potentially serious call in another part of Scranton;
e)  And, let's not forget the stabbing that happened earlier in the evening in Clinton County.

Busy.  Busy.

Of all the calls, only e) proved to be newsworthy.  Subsequent scanner chatter made a) sound less serious than first thought, and the scene was all clear by the time we got there.  c) and d) were minor domestic disputes.  b) also turned out to be a domestic dispute;  no one was badly hurt and the baby is safe and sound.

Of course, this was just Memorial Day.  We'll have to wait to see what happens on the Fourth of July when we add fireworks to the mix!

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