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I watched the news tonight and, in one of the stories, the reporter used the word "critter."

It reminded me of a stuffed animal that I used to have.  It was called "Critter" and came with its own cage.  If I recall, my parents (OK, my mother) gave Critter to me when I went to college.  It looked kind of like a guinea pig, I guess.  I tried to find a picture online, but, no luck.

Anyway, Critter and I went off to college.  I lined his cage with a copy of the Juniatian and hung the cage from the mattress springs.  I had a loft, so the mattress was essentially the upper bunk, and my desk was underneath.

During my freshman year, Critter and I made our home on the third floor of one of the dorms.  I was friends with several of the girls on the first floor.  One day, I came back to my room to find an empty cage.  The door was open and Critter was gone!

I don't recall a ransom note, but I knew where to lookfor my kidnapped Critter.  Down to the first floor I went - and found Critter tied to a bedpost with a headband that belonged to one of my friends - a dead giveaway because I'd seen her wear it to softball practice!  Poor Critter!  I quickly rescued Critter from the clutches of those girls and returned him to the safety of his cage. 

Where Critter is now, I have no idea.  I kept him for a while, I think, after college.  But, about 10 years ago, I gave away the vast majority of my stuffed animal collection, including Critter.

Wherever he is, I hope he's happy.

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