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Breaking news this AM:  John Edwards will drop of of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Not really a surprise, considering how poorly he fared in South Carolina.  He'll reportedly hold off on endorsing either Obama or Clinton.  Read the story HERE.  You have to wonder if, in addition to his poor prospects of being elected, the illness of his wife factored into his decision to get out sooner rather than later.

Rudy Giuliani is also getting out today.  He put all his eggs in the basket called Florida, and every egg ended up getting cracked.  Not only did he get trounced by McCain and Romney in last night's GOP primary, but he just barely managed to finish ahead of Huckabee, who hardly campaigned in Florida at all.  Later today, Rudy will throw his support to McCain.

And, what's up in the race for PA's 5th congressional district?  We haven't had any new candidates enter the race for two days now!

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