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Break Time

Here we are at the all-star break and the Phillies are at .500.  Not great, but a marked improvement from the way they started the season and still in the hunt for a playoff spot.  Unfortunately, they still have the same problems they had at the beginning of the season.  Namely, a shaky bullpen.  For the most part, the starting pitchers have at least kept the team in the game.  But, too often, the bullpen either blows the lead or lets the other team extend its lead.  It would be easy to blame Charlie Manuel, but he can only do so much with what he's given.  It's not like he can go out there and pitch.

Let's hope that Brett Myers is ready to come back soon.  I hear that Tom Gordon may also be close to returning.  I'm not sure that's a good thing, but he can't do any worse than he was doing before.

The other thing I hope is that if the Phillies go shopping around for starting pitching, they don't give up too much to get it.  To my mind, the Phillies problems can be traced to 1981 or '82 when the team basically traded its farm system to the Chicago Cubs for Ivan de Jesus.  It's taken years to rebuild and they may finally be making some progress (although some of that talent is being rushed to the top right now).  Don't give it away again.  

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