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Back to School

I am now officially a part-time student at Luzerne County Community College.

Friday's meeting with my academic advisor was, as I suspected it would be, brief.  I told her that I already had a four-year degree and that I only wanted to take one course.  She asked why they had me take the PLACEMENT TEST.  I said I didn't know (although I later wondered if maybe it was because I didn't bother to send them a transcript from Juniata.  Whatever.  It was either waste my time taking the test or waste my money sending for a transcript).  My advisor promptly filled out the appropriate form and sent me to the registrar's office.  That's where the whole back to school experience became a reality.  When they print out the course schedule and the bill - which includes tuition and assorted fees - it's real.

Anyway, now all that's left is to buy some books, get my student ID, and go to class.  Starting right after Labor Day.

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