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And the Winner is...

Him.  And me, I think.  On Thursday, the ND announced that the former EP is returning to his job after a six-year stint out of the business.  He starts on August 15th.  I expect I will continue to be dayside through his first week.  After that, I'm on vacation, and when I come back, I'll be back on the 11.
All in all, I think it's a good thing.  The nightshift suits my life much better than the day shift.  Although, the extra money would have been nice...
As for the Asst. ND, yesterday was his last day.  The station provided pizza for lunch and dinner, and there was a big cake in the newsroom.  The station also gave him a couple plane tickets that he can use to go to Vegas or something.  Marisa put together a very nice good-bye pkg featuring lots of old video. Then, after work, a bunch of people met him at Pocono Downs for a night at the races.  It was fun, even though I didn't bet on anything.  The recently departed EP was there, and it was good to see her again.  The returning EP was also there, and we had a chance to chat, so that was good.
On Friday morning, the ND announced that the assignment manager will take over as Asst. ND.  So, now the search begins for a new assignment manager.  The logical choice, I think, would be the guy who runs the night desk, but I'm not sure he wants the job.  The interesting times continue.

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