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And the Winner Is ...

Mike Huckabee!

Sure, McCain raked in a bunch of delegates on Super Tuesday, but Huckabee has all the buzz!  He pretty much swept the South and kept McCain from sweeping straight to the nomination.

I suppose the question now is WWMD - what will Mitt do?  Some reports on MSNBC were hinting about "frank" discussions in camp Romney.  Such as, maybe he will back off on attacking McCain in exchange for being allowed to make some sort of prominent speech at the convention.  The thinking there seems to be that Romney may actually be thinking less about '08 and more about '12.

My take is that, overall, the GOP race on Super Tuesday turned out to be much more interesting than the Democratic side.  No one expected the Dem contest to be settled.  And it's not.  But, there was the prospect of settling the Republican race, and that didn't happen.   Very interesting.

If this keeps up, maybe the Pennsylvania primary will be relevant on BOTH sides!  And, if that's the case, get ready for candidate visits and campaign ads out the wazoo.  Because, in April, PA's primary is the only game in town! 

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