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Ain't No Parade ...

... Like Scranton's SANTA PARADE!  I almost overslept onacounna setting the alarm for "pm" instead of "am."  But, I made it in time, and here are some pix from along the parade route!

This picture is from the end of the route, just outside the Radisson along Lackawanna Avenue.  This is where we let the air out of Garfield, the balloon WNEP had this year.  During the parade, I was holding one of the ropes, so I couldn't take any pictures until the end.

After dropping off the ballon, I made my way back down the parade route.  WNEP televises the parade every year.  This is one of our production people, high up in a bucket truck, taking pictures of the various groups as they passed by the reviewing stand.

As I continued back down the parade route, I stopped at the corner where the parade made the turn from Spruce Street onto Wyoming Avenue.  This float was put together by Liberty Tax Services.  They definitely have a sense of humor!

Then, a few minutes later, the man of the hour came by.  Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived in an antique fire truck in their traditional spot at the end of the parade to mark the official beginning of the holiday season.

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