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Act 1 - The End

Surprise, surprise!  Act 1 went down to defeat - big time!  In the district that takes my money, voters said "NO" by a margin of 4 or 5 to 1.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is just how miserably the proposal failed.  Around the state, Act 1 was a total bust.  This morning, the AP reported that votes from 2/3 of the 498 school districts that had Act 1 on the ballot had been counted.  Only four - yes, 4 - okayed Act 1.  Some official type person said he thought it was because voters didn't understand Act 1.  I think it's because they did.

If you care to look, HERE is a link to the PA Dept. of State so you can see how Act 1 fared in school districts around Pennsylvania.

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