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A Little Odd

The latest ad from 10th CD GOP candidate Chris Hackett seems a little odd to me.  You can watch it HERE under the title "Best."

In brief, the ad is designed to promote Hackett as a man with conservative values.  OK.  But, what's odd - at least to me - is the way the ad begins.  A woman's voice asks "Who can best represent our values and take on the liberals in Congress?" and, superimposed on an image of the Capitol, we see a picture of Chris Hackett on the left and a picture of Hillary Clinton on the right.

The first time I saw the spot, I thought "Why is there a picture of Hillary Clinton there?"  Last time I checked, Hackett wasn't running for president and Clinton wasn't running for a congressional seat in PA.

Is the picture of Hillary supposed to represent the "liberals in Congress?"  If so, I think it's not a great choice because there are Senators and Representatives who are WAY more liberal than she is, aren't there?  How about Ted Kennedy?  Barney Frank?  There must be more, I think.

Anyway, the ad strikes me as being off-base with its use of Hillary's image. It also makes me wonder why Hackett is not going after his real opponent - DAN MEUSER.  That's the first choice voters will have to make before either one even gets close to taking on any liberals in Congress.

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