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A First!

Today I did something that I have never done before.

I bought a TV.

I know.  Hard to believe.  As someone who has spent the better part of 20 years working in television, you would think that I'd have bought a TV at some point along the way.  But, no.  This is the first. Which isn't to say that I've been TV-less.  Because I haven't.  I just never actually had a TV that I bought myself.  With my own money.

Here follows an explanation of how I managed to avoid buying a TV for so long.

In 1984, as I set off to college, my parents bought a TV for me to take along.  It's an RCA and it has dials which can be used to change the channel.  (It still works, BTW, and has never needed to be repaired).  After college and after I moved out of the house, I took the RCA TV with me to my apartment.  Then, I took it with me to the next place that I lived.  Then, I took it with me to Harrisburg.  That was early 1998.  Sometime during the next five years, my sister gave me a TV that she didn't want anymore.  So, then I had two.  Also sometime during those five years, my parents gave me a TV that they didn't want anymore (probably because it didn't work very well).  So, then I had three - all free - and I brought them all with me when I moved back to NEPA in 2003.

Well, this week, I finally got rid of the one that didn't work very well.  It will be recycled in what I hope is an environmentally friendly way.  And, it's now been replaced by a 19" LCD TV that looks pretty much like this.  I like it!


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