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A Clearer Picture

First, an update on the eyes. Everything's OK.  No need for a stronger prescription.  The doc said he could have increased the strength a little bit.  But, honestly, I couldn't tell that there was much difference from the current one.  Maybe next year, though.  We'll, uh, see.

I did get a story idea out of the trip to the eye doctor.  Instead of dialating my eyes, they took digital images using something called "optofast" or something.  The picture shows the retina and all the blood vessels in the eye.  The doc can look at the picture and determine if you might have diabetes, or macular degeneration, or a detached retina.  All he saw on mine was some extra pigment spots.  NBD.  It's all good.  Anyway, the story idea came when I head that this is a fairly new technology and that my doc is one of only two in the area (in Luzerne County, anyway) that are using it.  So, I took some info into work and passed it on to Jill.

I plan to spent more time this weekend working on the freelance project.  I think I'm getting the hang of what they want.  Basically, it comes down to picking out the key facts, and then writing about each fact in three or four different ways.  Bloody awful.  Assuming I get asked to do another assignment, I'm still mulling over whether I would take it.  Oh, well.  No need to decide right this minute.

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