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OK, that's one show I don't watch - not usually, though I did see one episode.  It was ehhhh.   Anyway, stay tuned for the final Sweeps Death Toll update.

First, how about the Phillies, losing to the Mets in 16 innings.  I put the dog out in the middle of the 16th and got back just in time to hear Scott Graham talk about a walk-off homerun.  Whatever.  The Phillies should have won that one.  Leading 8-5 in the 8th, then Ryan Franklin gives up the game-tying runs.  When's the last time he didn't give up any runs?  Now the Phillies are 4 games back.  Time for another winning streak, I think.

Now, about Sweeps.  Here's the final, bloody tally.

Alias:  6 - Nadia, Renee, Fake Sydney, Tom, Jack, and Irina.  Arvin Sloane is not dead, but he probably wishes he were now that he's damned to spend eternity lying under a pile of rocks in Rimbaldi's tomb.  Immortality wasn't supposed to be like this.

Lost:  2 - Libby and Ana Lucia.  Long may they live in flashbacks.  Eko, Locke, and Desmond are in peril onacounna the hatch blew up.

24:  2 - Henderson and Bierko; Kiefer's been kidnapped!

OTH:  3? - Nathan, Cooper, and Rachel are STILL waiting for Haley to call for help.

NCIS:  0 - Gibbs survives, but says hasta la vista to the team.

L&O SVU:  0 - Olivia has recovered from having her throat slashed.

CSI:  0 - Brass takes a couple bullets but lives.

ER:  1 - Gallant gives his life for the series.

DH:  2 - Matthew Applewhite takes a bullet from a police sniper; Noah gets his life support shut off.  Mike gets run down by Kyle MacLachlan, but Mike may still have some life left in him.

Crossing Jordan:  1 - JD. and Jordan is the prime suspect!

Bird Flu:  I'm guessing about 150,000,000 by now.  And, if you managed to survive that, there's a pretty good chance the 10.5 earthquake on another network finished you off.  Afterall, that was a genuine mini-series, not just a one-and-done made-for-TV movie.

Will anyone be left when November rolls around?

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