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Election Reflection

The day after elections, and I'm hoping I'll be able to stay awake for "Alias" and "Lost" tonight.  I was at the station until about 2:15 a.m, waiting for late returns.  Finally got to bed around 3:00. Then, the dog decided that 6:45 was a pretty good time to get up and go out.  I went back to sleep for a while, but was at work by 11:00 a.m. to finish up.

So, let's see where we are:

In the 112th State House District, Fred Belardi will likely join the ranks of several soon-to-be unemployed lawmakers.  (How about Jubelirer and Brightbill losing!  Who's gonna be running things over at the state Senate???)  Ken Smith beat Belardi by several hundred votes, and we were all over the story on our late newscasts.  No Republicans were on the ballot, and I haven't heard anything definite about any kind of write-in campaign.

In the 113th, Frank Andrews Shimkus came out on top in a crowded Democratic primary.  Matt Burke won the GOP nomination.  Since Janet Evans kept it close on the Democratic side, I'm wondering if she might not have another go and run as an Independent.  As someone pointed out, Frank got about 29% of the vote.  That means 71% voted for someone else.  November will be very interesting.

In the 118th, Mike Carroll got the Democratic nomination, but the GOP side is too close to call.  Art Bobbouine was leading Maureen Tatu by about 20 votes.  We'll have to see if that slim lead holds up.  If Tatu pulls it out, it could be a sign of a shift in power from Luzerne County to the Poconos.

Another close one in the 117th, but Dr. Karen Bobabck appears to have risen to the top of the very crowded GOP ticket.  Tim Carroll did well, finishing about 200 votes behind despite being allowed back on the ballot just about one-week before the election.  I think it will be tough for a write-in campaign to surpass Boback.

In the 20th State Senate, Lisa Baker got the Republican nomination in a race that was not as close as I expected.  I thought Haggerty would do better.  I wonder if his negative ads had a negative effect.

Rep. Don Sherwood survived a very respectable challenge from Kathy Scott.  I don't think Sherwood managed 60%, so he could have a tough time in November against Democrat Chris Carney.  He seems like a guy who might appeal to a decent-sized number of GOP voters.

Casey vs. Santorum.  This will be a big one.

Rendell vs. Swann.  Another big one, but not as big as Casey/Santorum, I don't think.

We'll find out for sure is about 6-months.

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