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Deja Vu All Over Again

Well, the Phillies finally won a game last night - 5-2 over the Mets.  The Phils now have TWO wins to go along with their six losses so far this season.

I know it's early, OK?  But, despite a fairly significant roster turnover, the problems they're having this year look an awful lot like the problems they had last year, namely a shaky bullpen and a dismal rate of driving in runners in scoring position.  In other words, their pitching is suspect and their hitting is not very timely. 

I also see a lot of impatience from hitters when they really ought to be taking at least one pitch before swinging from the heels.  Last night, for example, the Mets pitcher walked the bases loaded, and the next batter for the Phillies comes up and proceeds to foul off the first pitch.  Let's see.  12 of the last 14 pitches have been balls.  He's sure to throw a strike NOW!  What kind of sense does that make? 

Another case.  In one of the games against Florida, the Phillies got some guys on so the Marlins made a pitching change.  The next batter for the Phillies - a pinch-hitter, BTW - swings at the first pitch from the reliever and hits a weak grounder to second to end the inning.  Let's see.  I'm a rookie catcher who's coming off the bench cold.  I've now seen a few warm-up tosses from this pitcher.  The bases are loaded.  I think I'll swing at his first pitch.  What kind of sense does that make?

You know what would make sense?  Putting on the "take" sign!   

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