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Bloody Wednesday

Yesterday was not a good day to be a character on a network television ensemble drama.  If you were in an episode that aired yesterday, your chances of dying - or of, at the very least, being put in harm's way - were pretty good.  I watched three shows last night.  By the end, the total body count was as follows:  3 definitely dead, 1 very likely dead, and 3 dead unless they are rescued very quickly at the start of next season.  Here's the breakdown:

Alias:  Nadia - dead; throat cut by glass from a table that her Rimbaldi-obsessed father pushed her into.  Renee - dead; throat cut by a knife-wielding Sydney replica.

Lost:  Ana-Lucia - dead; shot by Michael, who appears to have gone to the "Other" side.  Libby - very likely dead; shot several times by Michael, but she managed to hold up some sort of pouch to kind of cushion the blow.  So, I suppose that, if her fall pilot fails on another network, Libby could still be alive.

One Tree Hill:  Nathan, Cooper, and Rachel - in danger of drowning.  Cooper and Rachel were in a limo that plunged off a bridge into a river.  Renewed newlywed Nathan jumped in to try to save them.  Nathan seems to have found an air pocket, but things don't look too good for Cooper and Rachel.  And, if Nathan's wife doesn't stop screaming and call 911 on a cell phone, they're all gonna be dead.

It looks as though the bloodshed will continue through the rest of sweeps.  The previews for CSI imply that a main character will get killed off, and I think there's supposed to be a gun battle in the ER.  Yikes!      

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