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Bird Brain

Let the hype begin.  Bird Flu is coming to a television near you!  Today, the Bush administration gave some kind of dire warning about what could happen in a worst-case, bird flu in America scenario.  I generally don't believe anything this administration says, so I wasn't paying too much attention to the story, but I think the gist of it was that millions of people will die and the rest of us will start making fashion statements with the hospital-type masks that we'll all be forced to wear if we want to live.

Never mind that, AFIK, bird flu has not hit the US yet.  But, when it does, a lot of people sure are going to be good and scared.  And, just in case the government hasn't done enough in that department, ABC is more than happy to reinforce the terror.  On Tuesday at 8pm/7 central, the network will air a sure-to-be terrifying made-for-TV movie called "Fatal Contact:  Bird Flu in America."  I think it's pretty much a dramatization of the worst-case-scenario, just in case you were having trouble imagining the awfulness of a bird flu pandemic.

(BTW, just so you know, if something is "fatal", it WILL kill you.  If it were merely "deadly", you might have a chance at survival.  But, judging by the title of the movie, if you get bird flu, you're toast.)

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