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Day Four of my vacation is nearing an end.  So far, I haven't done much, but I've done a lot, if you know what I mean.  For example, on Day One (Saturday), I gave the house a pretty thorough cleaning.  Day Three, I used my new birthday shredder to empty out several file folders.  I also finished semi-organizing my fire-salvaged photos. And today, I bought new sunglasses to replace the ones I lost at Marc's house, I bought new photo albums for those aforementioned fire-salvaged photos, and I trimmed the rose bushes in the back of the house and pulled out some giant weeds.
But, the really noteworthy accomplishment of Day Four has been finishing a book that I started abaout 10-weeks ago!  (see the reading list section for my review)  It normally doesn't take me that long to finish a book - especially not one by this author.  But, for some reason, I had a lot of trouble getting into this one.  Anyway, now that I'm finished, I can start on the latest from Patricia Cornwell.  Hopefully, it won't take me 10-weeks to get through this one!
Also on Day Four, I signed up for Nutri-System.  They're offering one free week of food, so I thought I'd take advantage and order before the offer expires.  I expect the food to start arriving either this weekend or early next week.  I'll try it, and see how it goes.  I also want to start going back to the gym.  That'll be next week - after vacation! 
On Monday, when I go back to work, I'll just be a producer again.  No more "acting EP."  The new old guy started last week.   I guess, ultimately, I'm still not sure management is where I want to be.  Of course, the ND now knows that I can do a lot of things, and I think he plans to take advantage of that.  So, my chance of a dependable schedule may have decreased dramatically.    

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Seems Like Old Times

Went to a party yesterday.  The featured guests were current and former employees of WNEP-TV.  I saw a lot of familiar faces from my first go-round at the station - Sue, Susie, Brian, Dave, John, Mary, John, Stacey, Corey, Jane, Christina, Chris, Fred, Drew.  Some are still in TV, some have moved on to other things.  Some look pretty much the same; others have a few more pounds and a few more gray hairs.  But, it was good to catch up with everybody and remember things like "I tought it was tunder!"   Even the former Asst. N.D. was there.  So was Peggy from Kelly's.  She brought wings!  Mmmmmm!
The new/former EP starts on Monday.  The new Asst. ND will be off for most of the week, so the EP and I will be pretty busy.  Then, if all goes well, I'll be off the following week, and then start doing the 11 again when I come back.  All I want now is a a schedule that doesn't change for at least a year!

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One Week Down

Well, somehow we managed to survive our first week without *****, the Asst. ND who retired last week.  We had a lot of big stories this week, including some breaking news, and we did well - special reports, skycam hits in the 7PM, etc.  I don't even think I heard anyone saying they missed the other guy or wished he were there to give guidance.  I suppose there will eventually be some situation that will elicit comments like that, but not this week.  And that's a good thing.
One of the stories we covered this past week was the murder of an 87-year-old woman.  She lived above a popular business in Wilkes-Barre, and everybody in the neighborhood knew her.  Police believe that a burglar broke into her apartment, probably looking for drug money or something to sell to get drug money.  They don't think the burglar expected the woman to be there, and that when he saw her, he panicked and stabbed her.  Awful.  The DA is fed up.  He called the crime "outrageous."  You don't usually hear DAs throwing around words like that.  But, he's right, and I'm glad to hear it.
Today it's off to Marc and Joy's for their annual summer party.  I know that I'm still not on Marc's list of his top 10 favorite Mensans.  But, considering that he invited me back to the party, maybe I'm getting close!

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